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Re: PyRoom @ FOSDEM 2009 ?


>> Hello Pyroomers,
> Hi all,
>> FOSDEM published a call for lightning talks. Lightning talks are very
>> short talk (15minutes) where you can present small/new projects/ideas to
>> the crowd.
> Sorry Lionel for the delayed answer, I wanted to be sure I was about
> to make it to FOSDEM.
> I'm actually planning a trip to Brussels for FOSDEM, and currently
> trying to organise myself.
>> Maybe it could be a good opportunity to spread PyRoom love ?
> Yes, that would be great, but I'm seeing a couple of issues, here.
> I've been at the beginning of the project, but I must say that my
> involvement in it has decayed a lot, and I haven't touch code for ages
> now. I'm still amazed by the tremendous work made by Florian (tiax),
> and this project wouldn't be as advanced as it is without him. He's
> the one who should go on stage and make a talk about this project he
> has pushed forward for several months, now.
> Unfortunately, he told me on IRC he wouldn't be able to make it to
> Brussels.
> I don't know if any other member of the Team comes to FOSDEM next
> february, and I'd be delighted to meet some of us there.

I'm not part of the team but I will be there and I will be gload to meet
you. (Because the only spring I hate is Java spring)

> On the other hand, it could be perfectly possible for me to work out a
> talk about pyroom, and I'd be glad to do it. I'm just wondering if I'm
> qualified enough to talk about this project as an ex-developer.
> The talk could be focused on:
> * Why this project? (aka. Writeroom is closed-source, 24.95 USD and
> just for the Mac)
> * Why this project, again? (aka. why yet another text editor, Why not
> just a gedit plugin, Why not vim)
> * Why Python?
> * Why Launchpad?
> * Who can use it? For what? What's the benefit?
> * What's next? What's left to be done?

15 minutes is very short. So there's no need to go through the code. Even
if FOSDEM attendees are geek, they will not be interested by the
SourceView -> TextView transition. Instead, your proposition seems really
really really great. I would definitely appreciate it. It would fit
perfectly in the lightning talk perspective.

Conclusion : you've my vote as a speaker :-)