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PyRoom 0.3.2 release


Good news, everyone!

I'm happy to announce the shiny new PyRoom 0.3.2 release. Most notable
changes involve dual monitor support and better configurable user
interface. In the background, most important fixes include switching
from gtksourceview1 to gtksourceview2, which drops a lot of unnecessary gnome
dependencies and adherence to xdg standard locations for configuration
files. And, last but not least, some bugfixes.

Our thanks to Anthony Awtrey, Kevin Wallace, Topher Eatinger, Ryan Paul
and Lionel Dricot who have contributed patches to this release.

A note to distro packagers: 1. Thanks for your effort! 2. we've
switchted gtksourceview versions and, thus, depdendencies from gnome's
python bindings to pygtksourceview2

Get the latest release from http://pyroom.org/download.html
Our official PPA on launchpad will be updated shortly.

Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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