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two branches for review and some status


Hi everyone,

atm there's two of my branches for review

1. lp:~tiax/pyroom/newautosave
This one contains a rewrite of autosave.py to address multiple bugs

2.  lp:~tiax/pyroom/nogtksourceview
This one drops gtksourceview in favor of gtk textview to narrow down
our dependencies to gtk and xdg. Especially dropping the gtksourceview
dependency is a big step torwards a cross-platform PyRoom. Please note
that I had to write my own undo mechanism in the process, as
gtk.TextView doesn't come with one built-in. I modeled mine after the
one in gtksourceview, which should make the new behavior similar (or
the same) to the old one and gedit's. Atm, the undo stack has
unlimited size. Any oppinions on whether we should make this list's
size limited or something? Also, I had to drop the line numbers for
the time being. Let's just wait if someone files a bug report to get
them back, then we can spend some time investigating for a new method
to display those. Personally, I found them quite ugly to begin with.

Long story short, those are two branches with rather big impact on
PyRoom functionality. I don't feel exactly comfortable with merging
before someone else tested it some more. On the other hand, I
recognize PyRoom's current supply of active developers and will
commence to  merge the branches on Friday if there's no objections ;)

So, some more info: Debian import freeze from unstable into Ubuntu
Jaunty has already taken place in January. As a result, we won't have
to hurry to put a new release together that could be included in
Ubuntu Jaunty. This also means that Ubuntu Jaunty will be release with
PyRoom 0.3.2 in Universe. Yay!

Debian Lenny has been released last weekend, without PyRoom of course
- freeze has been long time ago here. But now that "lenny" is
"stable", "squeeze" becomes "testing" and PyRoom can wander from
unstable to testing and, in due time, to stable.

Fedora 10 already contains PyRoom 0.3.2 (also yay)

Arch Linux has rev107 in AUR, which should roughly be 0.3.2 also (yay)

0.3.2 is quite a stable core for now, but we'll be moving on still.
Looking at the bugtracker, there's a lot of green again. I think after
we got gtksourceview and autosave sorted out and given some smaller
bugfixes, we could be pushing out a new release quite soon.


Florian 'tiax' Heinle

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