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Fw: [schwuk.com] Comment: "PyRoom"


Some nice comments (apart from it being a Pearl [sic] app)!

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Subject: [schwuk.com] Comment: "PyRoom"
Date: Fri, 20 Feb 2009 01:38:47 +0000

New comment on your post #331 "PyRoom"
PyRoom is now in the Ubuntu repos for Jaunty/9.04!!  I am actually
pretty impressed based on initial thoughts.

I found WriteRoom earlier today, and bummed that it wasn't for
Windows.  Then I found links on its website to alternatives.  Q10 for
Windows seems great and better than the other Windows versions, though
it is closed source and has not been updated in a while (none the less,
a great app!).

I installed PyRoom on my Jaunty alpha install from the repos, and also
downloaded the .deb for TextRoom and installed.  TextRoom has a ways to
go, but PyRoom seems to do the trick.  I was worried about it being a
Pearl app, but not an issue I think.  Not sure how resource heavy or
unheavy it is, but it is nice.


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