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Re: Release 0.4 Roadmap (and PyRoom for Windows!)



to push some status update to the mailing list:

PyRoom 0.4 lives in lp:pyroom/trunk at the moment and is complete,
code-wise. The release should be ready quite soon.

At the moment we're waiting for our .pot (translation template) to be
accepted into Launchpad for 0.4. After this is done, we'll upload our
current translations and see which will need updating. Most strings
should have stayed the same, though. Actual translation won't take too
long, I suppose.

Another fine detail: http://storage.planet-tiax.de/pyroom-windows.png
- PyRoom works under Windows XP now! Installation is still a hassle,
GTK, PyGTK, PyGObject and PyCairo need to be installed (manually).
However, the bottom line is: We'll release PyRoom 0.4 for Windows,
too. Might take a little longer to create some installer but
eventually we will, our code itself is ready.

Existance of a Windows installer won't push back our release date for
Linux, we'll be releasing as soon as we have our translations as
complete as they get.


Florian 'tiax' Heinle