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Removing gtk dependencies ?


Hello gentle coders,

First let me say that I'm really amazed of what you've done starting from the small script I posted some time ago on the Ubuntu forum. Really good work !

I read somewhere that some testing was needed on mac os and I gave a very quick try but did not manage (mainly because of my very peculiar configuration). In the meantime, I discovered pyglet which a rather small python package without any dependencies which is available for both mac, windows and linux. In order to learn it, I tried to recode a basic pyroom and I think the result might interest you if you think it might be worth to create a branch (I might help).

The most annoying problem is probably the absence of any configuration panel or file selector. These would need to be coded from scratch and it may be not worth the effort, I do not know.

Code is available at: http://www.loria.fr/~rougier/pub/software/pyroom-pyglet.tgz

You obviously need pyglet but the code iself does not require installation, just start pyroom from within the directory.

(I'm not on the mailing list, don't forget to reply all or maybe someone can put me on the mailing list ?)