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PyRoom developer survey


Hi guys,

lately I have been the most active PyRoom developer. While I don't
think of it as a burden, I'd like to know who else considers himself
an active developer. Please note that I'm not asking to commit changes
or something, I'm rather interested on who to discuss development etc
with actively. I repeat, this is not a call for contributions, I'd
just like to know who's keeping an "active eye" on PyRomm.

Sidenote: after 0.4.1 is quite stable now and widely distributed, I
think I'll be working on open bugs again now. After immediately
solvable ones, work on new features in trunk will continue. In its
current form, PyRoom has a quite solid core now and only few things
can be added without, in their sum, cluttering up what strives to be
simple to use. The next logical step would be to create an
infrastructure for unobtrusive plugins. Currently, I'm researching
best practices etc.

So, please drop a note if you want to be part of the decission-making
process. I don't mind working on my own but I don't want to make
design/feature/roadmap/whatever decissions without asking other
interested parties, either.


Florian 'tiax' Heinle