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[ANNOUNCE] pytagsfs version 0.7.0



I'm pleased to announce the release of pytagsfs version 0.7.0.  This release
series includes significant enhancements as well as critical bug fixes:

 * Improved handling of renames.
 * Long-key patterns in format strings (like %{artist}).
 * Support for Mac OS X, albeit read-only.  See http://www.pytagsfs.org/MacOSX .
 * Better handling of MP4 (AAC) files. 
 * sclapp 0.5.2 is now required

The full set of changes for this release is available:

To download this release:

pytagsfs is a FUSE filesystem that arranges media files in a virtual directory
structure based on the file tags. For instance, a set of audio files could be
mapped to a new directory structure organizing them hierarchically by album,
genre, release date, etc. File tags can be changed by moving and renaming
virtual files and directories. The virtual files can also be modified directly,
and, of course, can be opened and played just like regular files.

For a more thorough introduction, see:

Please visit http://www.pytagsfs.org to obtain more information.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.  Feedback is appreciated.

Forest Bond

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