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Hi Martin,

You previously expressed interest in using pytagsfs to tag your e-mail for use
within mutt.  In the development bzr repository you will find I've added
pymailtagsfs, a minor extension to pytagsfs that allows this.

What is currently missing is a tool to actually tag messages with.  The pytags
utility can probably be modified to do this.  I intend to add this capability
before the next release (0.9.0).

Are you still interested in this functionality?  Would you like to test
pymailtagsfs and tell me what you think?

I'm especially curious as to how you'd actually go about using it to meet your
needs.  Since I won't likely use it for my own personal needs (even though I do
use mutt -- maybe I'll re-think), it would be useful to have some insight into
what your day-to-day usage would look like.

BTW, invoke pymailtagsfs something like this:

  cd Mail
  mkdir tags
  pymailtagsfs inbox tags

It should be able to handle a source directory containing more than one Maildir,
too, but, of course, that directory must not contain the mount point.

Tags are stored in messages like this:

  X-Pytagsfs-Tag: foo
  X-Pytagsfs-Tag: bar

(One tag per header, with multiple headers if the same message is tag multiple

Any feedback would be appreciated.  Do note that this functionality is
considered experimental.  It should treat your Maildir's safely (including
correct locking semantics), but you may want to experiment with messages outside
of your actual mail directory.

Forest Bond

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