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Re: pytagsfs image support


Hi Rey,

Thanks for your message.

On Tue, Apr 27, 2010 at 03:29:03PM +0200, Rey Cyril wrote:
> For a while, I am looking for a good solution for pictures tagging and
> organization. I did not find the right solution yet.
> Most important :
> -       Tags must be stored within file.  Organization should not be stored in
> a software specific database.
> -       Tagging must be efficient. Going into image property, and writing
> keyword is just inappropriate for more than 10 pictures.
> So I think pytagsfs may be also very suitable for pictures.
> Do you think it may be possible to extend pytagsfs for pictures support (exif)?
> Maybe we can use some code parts from jbrout (http://jbrout.manatlan.com) or
> lib Exiv2 (http://www.exiv2.org/)?

Yes, pytagsfs would be good at this.

I've never had time to look at it, but I had always hoped to be able to add
support for image tagging.  It would be relatively easy to implement.

Are you interested in contributing an implementation?

If you (or anyone else) are interested, maybe the following can get you started:

Have a look at modules/pytagsfs/metastore/__init__.py and
modules/pytagsfs/metastore/mutagen_.py (an example implementation).  You want to
create a new MetaStore implementation by subclassing MetaStore and override
methods get and set.

The new MetaStore implementation might be called ExifMetaStore and live in

Be sure to join the mailing list and post questions there.

Forest Bond

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