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Really large collections? Other Fusefs?



I have a really big music collection (320K files) that already lives on a fuse fs (mhddfs, not surprisingly). I have a few questions about operational limits and one about features:

1. Do you see any potential issues with pytagsfs over a set this size? Or on top of another fusefs?

2. This collection is needless to say still growing, so how would you recommend sizing max_user_watches?

3. Any guesses (or ideally, knowledge) about the practical upper limit for user watches or how big the relevant struct is?

4. I have images and metadata files that go along with the music files in most directories. Cues, logs, some m3u files, the odd ffs, some text files and even html in a few cases. Is there any way that I can treat the contents of a given directory as a Managed Release or some other abstraction of an album? If I retag the music, I don't want it to leave the art and metadata behind in a (presumably badly named) directory.

A suggestion: maybe a .pytagsfs-unit file in a directory with a list of filenames in it which have to be kept in the same directory when any member is moved?

Thanks for the great work. I was found this project by looking at mutagen while trying to find parts to do something like it myself, although I had shied away from inotify due to my operational uncertainties as described above.

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