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Re: pytagsfs question: "what about other (not media) files?"


Hi Anton,

I've CC'd the pytagsfs mailing list.  If you can, join the list and ask
questions there.

On Fri, Apr 29, 2011 at 12:42:14AM +0400, Anton Kochetov wrote:
> Thank you for the pytagsfs :)

You're welcome. ;)

> Is it possible to mount folders with all other files included (not mp3s), let's
> say in the folder of the album there is jpg file or playlist file and I also
> would like to see them in the folders sorted by genre or whatever. Is this
> possible?

Generally, no, it's not possible.  There would not be any way for pytagsfs to
figure out what virtual directory the cover art should belong to as that is
determined completely from metadata (i.e. tags) and pytagsfs doesn't have any
knowledge about how the source files are organized.

If somebody implemented support for EXIF tags I think it could work.  Then you
could tag your cover art to match the audio files.  There has been some interest
in adding support for other media types (i.e. non-audio files) in the past, but
to date no one has actually implemented anything.  I would happily review a
contribution of this sort.

Hope this helps!

Forest Bond
rapidrollout.com / alittletooquiet.net / pytagsfs.org

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