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maildir, sourcetreemon and supports_writes()


I wanted to see how maildir.py plays with multitags,

Eg, source/mail.txt contains:
	X-Pytagsfs-Tag: plop
I expect that if:
    ├── plop
    │   └── mail.txt

	mv plop plop2
...should makes source/mail.txt contain:
	X-Pytagsfs-Tag: plop2
	cp -a plop2 plop3
...should make sources/mail.txt contain:
	X-Pytagsfs-Tag: plop2
	X-Pytagsfs-Tag: plop3

but I noticed that mnt is mounted read-only.
It is probably related to the fact that:
- does not exist
- so of course does not contains "def supports_writes(self): return True"

my question is: why ?


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