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Re: maildir, sourcetreemon and supports_writes()


On Sun, May 22, 2011 at 07:27:23PM +0200, Raphaël wrote:
> but I noticed that mnt is mounted read-only.

of course... I was passing -r to both pytagsfs or pymailtagsfs.
(but I noticed that "-o force_write_support" is not a valid option so the
man page needs a fix)

In (rw) the error is different:
    $ mv plop haha
      mv: cannot move `plop' to `haha': Bad address
    $ cp -a plop haha
      `plop' -> `haha'
      `plop/mail.txt' -> `haha/mail.txt'
      cp: cannot create regular file `haha/mail.txt':
      Function not implemented
      cp: failed to preserve ownership for `haha': Bad address

Is it expected ?


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