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Re: Unable to view RQG documentation on GitHub



Yes, there seems to be a problem -- GitHub is unable to render this page .

I think a solution would be to split the page into multiple subpages until the rendering problem is overcome or isolated. In the meantime , you can see and use the mediawiki page source, which is humanly-readable :


Philip Stoev

-----Original Message----- From: Saikumar
Sent: Monday, August 06, 2012 09:50
To: Philip Stoev ; Bernt Marius Johnsen
Subject: Unable to view RQG documentation on GitHub

Hi Philip,

we are facing difficulty viewing some of the pages in the RQG documenation, https://github.com/RQG/RQG-Documentation/wiki/RandomQueryGeneratorGrammar

It didn't help even after creating an account and signing in, can you please let me know what we are doing wrong.

the error we get is ::


New Page
Edit Page
Page History

time's up!

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