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Runaway simplification


Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know I am looking into patching RQG so that
runaway simplifications can no longer cause excessively long 'trials'/runs
(for example runall.pl runs) - i.e. trials which disregard the --duration=x
setting completely.

For example, in some recent runs where the trial duration was a maximum
of 5 minutes (--duration=300), the trial ended up lasting more than 5 hours
due to a simplification "ongoing" (RQG currently fails to check the
value when it's simplifying).

A solid patch is now available. It will be well-tested and, if no
objections to
the contrary are received, implemented in the coming week.



Kind Regards,
God Bless,
Roel Van de Paar, CMDBA/CMDEV  Director of Development Services, Percona LLC
Skype: roel.mysql

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