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Re: Runaway simplification



On 09/26/2013 03:13 AM, Roel Van de Paar wrote:
Hi All,

Just a quick note to let you know I am looking into patching RQG so that
runaway simplifications can no longer cause excessively long 'trials'/runs
(for example runall.pl <http://runall.pl> runs) - i.e. trials which
disregard the --duration=x
setting completely.

For example, in some recent runs where the trial duration was a maximum
of 5 minutes (--duration=300), the trial ended up lasting more than 5 hours
due to a simplification "ongoing" (RQG currently fails to check the
value when it's simplifying).

A solid patch is now available. It will be well-tested and, if no
objections to
the contrary are received, implemented in the coming week.

Thanks for the heads up. What about:

 - When will such duration checks occur?
   Today it happens after each execution of "original"
   statements from the grammar. One such execution includes any
   validation, simplification, etc.
   After each statement execution, regardless of source (grammar,
   simplifier, validator, reporter)?
   After each simplification round as well as after each
   execution of "original" statements?

 - Will it be a soft limit, like today (only take action after
   the execution has finished), or do you plan to add a hard limit as
   well (e.g. kill ongoing executions)?

 - What about the data generation phase? That is not currently
   included in the --duration timing. Do you plan to change that,
   or add additional limits that include gendata? Or is this change
   limited to simplifications only?

Depending on what is planned users may need to take action, so a few more details may be good.



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