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Add a variable to a combinations file



I am trying to add a --basedir variable to a combinations (.cc) file such that I can modify what build I am using and implement some automation.  The cc file is ultimately evaluated by the combinations.pl file, but I am not having much luck trying to figure out where I can get this to work.  The first example shows how the location is explicitly named.  The second shows what the scalar variable I am trying to introduce.  

'--grammar=conf/percona_qa/tokudb/tokudb.yy --gendata=conf/percona_qa/5.6/5.6.zz1 --threads=15 --no-mask

"--grammar=conf/percona_qa/tokudb/tokudb.yy --gendata=conf/percona_qa/tokudb/tokudb.zz1 --threads=15 --no-mask

I am curious if anyone has attempted this or knows combinations.pl well 
enough to make a suggestion or two regarding how I might elegantly 
introduce this variable.

Thanks in advance,



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