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Re: Helping other users


Hi, Jendrik!

> Please try it out and see if you can help other users. This way I
> have more time for implementing new features ;)

Thanks for telling, will check it. =) That might mean that some
questions can also be in Russian: that's my native language, and I will
gladly try to translate the questions too complex for me to answer.

> In the near future I will probably deprecate the phpbb forum as it is 
> very buggy and slow (e.g. at the moment I cannot answer any threads 
> there and notifications don't work for me). I will direct all
> questions directly to the launchpad Answers system.

Actually, having a forum is quite nice, but I agree with you:
SourceForge's forum is buggy. -.- Perhaps you should send private
messages to these *SourceForge users* (not via the forum, but after
locating their actual SF profiles)?

I guess it might also help to ask the people with questions to repeat
their unanswered forum questions on Launchpad, just in case.

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila E.

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