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Replacing manual line breaks (\\) with NOBR's


Hi all, and Jendrik in particular!

After getting used to regular txt files and Textpattern's neat line
breaks conversion, I still feel a bit uncomfortable when you have to
add \\ to each single line break to actually make this single line
break seen in Preview mode and after HTML export.

Is it possible to add single line breaks automatically and use some
sort of a symbol as a NOBR signal?

I know this is not a good time to suggest a replacement for the
txt2tags markup library, but how about switching to this neat markup


It's used in Textpattern CMS and is pretty similar to txt2tags in many
cases (it even supports **double-symbols markup** in addition to its
regular *one-symbol markup* ).
It also makes all the styling and all the other things easier with its
inner styling support.
The conversion from txt2tags to Textile shouldn't be too complex, 
and a Python module is available.

Thanks for at least reading this letter and visiting the link,
   Danila "MyOtheHedgeFox" Evstifeyev

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