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Feature request - Option to remove dates in export



First, thanks for a great piece of software that I use daily.

I hope that I haven't missed this somewhere but I would find it really time saving if there was an option that allowed the user to turn off the inclusion of the date between each daily entry when the file is exported.

I guess that I am not alone when I say that I don't use Rednotebook exclusively as a journal. I use it in preparation of a monthly newsletter which subsequently appears on my website. I accept that it is no great shakes to manually remove thirty or so such entries but it would be nice!

I am not a programmer but reason that as it was possible to remove the declaration that the file emanated from Rednotebook in exports, it should not be a major job to give the user the option of whether or not to include the date of each entry. After all, the choice exists for categories and texts.

I accept that many will find the inclusion of the date useful but I bet that many, like me, end up editing the text!

If I have misjudged the complexity of this request, sorry! Also if there is a way of doing it already, I would love to hear it! Please don't tell me that I missed this feature somewhere!


Bob Giles

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