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Re: Feature request - Option to remove dates in export


Hi all!

> > In my case it is too simple! I always include a reference
> > to the date.
> >
> > For example .....
> >
> > /On Saturday, 23rd July I attempted to persuade the
> > author of Rednotebook to include a new feature!
> >
> > Would you believe it! On Sunday, 24th July I received his
> > reply that ....
> > /
> Hehe, so you only want a whiteline between the days, I
> think that makes sense.
> Anyone else have an opinion about the dates in the export?
> Do you think an option to exclude them is useful?

Sure it is! But as an option, not as a permanent and irreversible fix.

Not quite by the way, Jendrik: sorry I didn't answer to your reply to my
suggestion. I accidentially deleted my mailbox (sic! Such things
really can happen accidentially), but it got restored thanks to the
friendly support team.

Surely all the tags can be found in the documentation, but I think that
few people will ever read the documentation to look for such things -
except us computer geeks. =)

Templates are a bit easier to reach (they can be found on the same row
as basic formatting options button), and they look new and "tasty" 
(a user is more interested in checking templates than checking
the documentation). So I think doubling some tag info in a special
"demonstration" template would be a nice idea.

Of course, a story about buying a tiger already tells a user something
about the basic formatting, but there are some special quirks (like
%comment, \\, ===headers=== and some other things) which are only for
the users who already know RNB a bit. And these users might be curious
enough to check preset templates - just in time for some advanced
tricks. =)

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila E.

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