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Re: tagging feature wish


Hi, Michael!

> To be able to right click within the body of a list of notes in the
> main journal pane, and have a selection in the right click menu to
> "insert tag here", which would then open up the Tag dialog box, and a
> Tag could be selected from the "write entry" field, or else write a
> new tag, then click "ok", and a tag marker would be added into the
> text and also the tag name would be auto added to the
> Annotate/Categories pane under the Tag category.  For example, for a
> tag of todo, the marker in the main journal text could be in the
> format "[tag:todo]" in bold format.  This will enable easy location of
> the relevant information in a large journal entry.  Also it would be
> good if when doing a tag search that the relevant text after where the
> tag was inserted would be returned in the search text.

I would support that feature, at least the [tag:todo] insertion part
(of course, the "tag" portion of this thing must be on a user's
language ;) ).
Searching for it wouldn't be too complex.

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila E.

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