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Re: A couple notes and suggestions


Hi again,

Am 05.09.2011 19:32, schrieb Steven Xu:

- There should also be a way to assign shortcuts to insertion and
Do you mean shortcuts for "Insert File" and "Insert Picture"? There
are already shortcuts for formatting, do you want to change them?
There are some insertions that do not have shortcut keys. It may be
preferable to be able to edit them; for example, trying to type out
exactly twenty = does not seem to be practical and less time one has to
move their hand to the mouse, I would think the more fluid the access
to the program.
That's right. It's now on the agenda.
In addition, I think perhaps the format button should be
    able to format selected tags as well as selected text.
This should already be possible, right?
Oops. I must have meant when a tag is being edited, the format keys do
not work; they insert the formatting in the editor pane instead.
You're right, that's a bug. I'll see what I can do.
One notable thing is that when a tag is selected, if the bold (or other
format) button clicked twice, the ** ** symbols are added twice.
That's a good observation. I'll try to fix that.
- Is there a reason for a drop down menu when clicking Template,
Insert or Format?
What would be the alternative?
Sorry, I mean that there is a button as well as a dropdown button
beside it. I don't believe the dropdown button is necessary, since the
original button already opens a dropdown menu.
You're right, this is a GTK limitation that I have not been able to work around.

I have noticed a few things since I started using RedNotebook and that
there is no way to organize tags; for example, suppose I wanted to move
my todos to done, I cannot drag them.
That's a nice feature idea!
If I cross them out and search
for todos,  I have a large list of crossed out tasks. If perhaps I put
a tag on the wrong day, I can't drag them to the calendar to move them.
That's again a GTK limitation. The calendar has no way of knowing that you are hovering over a date. But I guess we could implement some kind of copy-paste functionality for the categories.
In addition, the preview button only formats double line breaks; it
does not seem to format single ones. I am not sure if this is because
the output is in HTML.
This is a design decision done by the underlying txt2tags library. Single linebreaks can be added with \\ .

Finally, in the template files for the Weekday Template should say
which day it is for (at least briefly), in the template filename or at
least in the text file.
That's a good idea.

Thanks for your comments,