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What do I need to contribute to the RedNotebook code?


Hi all, and Jendrik in particular!

After finding another idea on expanding RNB's functionality (adding 1-3
sound snippets to each day with an easy Play Now interface), I almost
immediately had a shockback thought: "You human! Do you think Jendrik
will have enough time to code all the weird ideas of yours?"

I'm not saying I definitely will be in for coding down any suggestion,
but still, Jendrik, what would I need for starting to work with Python?

Which books, which compilers (Win+Lin), which, erm, free code snippets
(like your calendar widget) and which databases for them would you
recommend to a young upstart newbie?

How did you start working with it, by the way? =)

Thanks for reading this letter,
   Danila "MyOtheHedgeFox" Evstifeyev

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