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Re: Can't find tag cloud in 1.3


Hello, Mel!

> I recently upgraded to 1.3 and now I can't find the tag cloud panel
> anymore. I still have the word cloud--I just can't find the one that
> shows only the tags I've used. Has that been moved or was it totally
> removed in this version? :/

Word and tag clouds were merged.
Tags are underlined.

Besides, the whole tag system was changed:
former TAG CATEGORIES are now TAGS,
and former TAGS are now SUB-TAGS.

That is, if you add a "category" without any "category entry",
it will simply become a TAG,
but if you add a sub-tag, "tag" will become a "category".

Try temporarily moving your journal dir and renaming your
configuration.cfg to see how it is done in the examples. =)

Danila E.

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