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RedNotebook 1.4


A new RedNotebook version has been released.

You can get the tarball, the Windows installer and links to distribution
packages at

What is RedNotebook?
RedNotebook is a **graphical journal** and diary helping you keep track
of notes and thoughts. It includes a calendar navigation, customizable
templates, export functionality and word clouds. You can also format,
tag and search your entries. RedNotebook is available in the
repositories of most common Linux distributions and a Windows installer
is available. It is written in Python and uses GTK+ for its interface.

What's new?
* Search: If a search contains a hashtag (e.g. #Work or #Movies), only days with all of those tags will be searched. This means you can e.g. search for "project-xyz" only in the days tagged with "Work" with the query "#Work project-xyz".
* Search for combinations of tags (e.g. #magazine #linux)
* Search: If the query only contains a single hashtag (e.g. #Movies), a list of all subtags (the names of the movies) is shown.
* Search: Automatically scroll to found text in edit mode
* Split tag and word clouds
* Show tag and word cloud only if there are any tags and words respectively
* Remove spaces from multi-word tags during search and in clouds
* Auto-complete tags in search
* Always include all tags regardless of their frequency in the cloud
* Exports: Correctly set the appropriate extension for each export type
* Exports: Always add a title for LaTeX exports
* Fix: Correctly parse configuration values containing ='s
* Fix: Paths returned from file and folder choosers must be converted to unicode
* Fix: Correctly redirect error output into the logfile on Windows
* Updated translations