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Size parameters for jpeg images?


Hi Jendrik and All,

I found RedNotebook yesterday.  It seems very well done and may work
well for my daily notetaking, etc.  I have a quick question:

Is there a way to add a Size parameter to images?  Many of my jpegs
are over 1000 pixels high or wide and they cause the window to have
scroll bars during preview, cause large PDFs to be created, etc.

Being able to easily add something like 'width="600"' when adding an
image would be helpful.  There didn't seem to be an easy way to do
that, except manually on the exported HTML.  I'd like to see it active
in the Preview and exported PDF if possible.

(Zim lets one change that Property on adding an image, but Zim has
more limited Export options than RedNotebook.)

I'm using the latest Windows installer on WinXP.

Thanks very much.


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