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Re: Export options


Am 06.06.2012 21:55, schrieb Alistair Marshall:
Hello everyone,

I have been using RNB for about a month now and am very impressed so I
would like to start by saying thanks!

The reason for my email, though, is concerning the export dialogue,
particularly page 3, "Select Contents"
At first, I could not work out what "export texts" referred to, and
I'd assumed the export tags options was for selecting which days to
export based on what tags the day contained.
I think my confusion was similar to the report in a recent bug [1]

The confusion with the "export tags" feature (as it exists) could be
clarified by changing the wording from "export" to "show" (ie. "Show
texts" and "Show all tags/Do not show tags/Show only these tags")
You're right. The word "export" might be misleading here. I think "Include" is probably the best choice here.

Also, I would find it useful to be able to selectively export days
containing only certain tags, perhaps as a separate "Select Tags" step
in the export dialog after "Select Date Range" and before "Select
I think so too. That's a really nice idea!

I would be happy to have a go at coding these but I wanted to check if
it was something that others want.
Go ahead :) I will gladly merge those two changes. Thank you very much for your help!


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