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Re: testimony about 1.4


Hi makayabou,

first off, your English is perfect :)
The tags and categories have been redesigned to make them easier and also more flexible for everyone. I think with this feature everyone can use it and adapt it to his liking. If this is not enough, you might want to consider something like KeepNote.


Am 21.06.2012 00:51, schrieb makayabou:
Hello everybody,

First, thanks to everyone who has contributed to rednotebook, a very great tool.

I hadn't used it for some months, and just installed v1.4 .

I was impressed by the Changelog. It was obvious that there was something to do with the ambiugous distinction between tags and categorys. I'm sure that, in a manner, merging is the best solution.

But I'm not really convinced that using categories without entries would be a good thing. One of the reasons is that categorie's cloud will be too much filled.

One of the good things with the v1.1 that we lost was that it was possible to see the tag's cloud.

In my daily use, i also use a category that I call "style", which describes if the note is about a phone conversation, or an action report, a web searching, etc.

You see? To my mind, Categories are a way to classify notes together, like:

- Category 1: my theater workshops
  - entry 1: first workshop: so afraid!
  -entry 2: 2nd workshop: i already feel like a star!
  - Category 2: my movies:
    - entry 1: armageddon...

but also a way to identify common points between notes, not regarding the "subject's category" :

- Category 4: tags
   - entry 1: "geek action"
   - entry 2: "psychology"
   - entry 3: "funny thing"
   - ...
- Category  5: style
   - entry 1: phone conversation
   - entry 2: meeting
   - entry 3 : search on the web
I separated styles and tags to make easier the search for the appropriate tag/style each time I write a new note.This "form" (tags, style..) is specific to my use. It has to be adapted to each one's use.

My main interest is for a great searching tool, in order to avoid forget brilliant and fugitive ideas!

In That way of conceive the software, I would just have to blacklist "tags" and "style" from categories search results and I could see a cloud representing all the "family of subjects" (my categories as a manner to "group" notes) I use to write about. But I could also (like in v1.1), look at the cloud representing the list of tags I put, and another cloud with the list of "styles" (or whatever), to see if some are under/over-represented.

I'm french and hope my english is understandable enough for you to see what I mean and react to my point of view.

I really like rednotebook and want it to be still better



PS: Also, If one of you get mad because of my disintegrated english, I would really appreciate if you wanted to correct this letter!

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