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Re: [Question #195843]: What is needed for RoHC with SIP?


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rolf posted a new comment:
Didier and Cedric, thank you for your explanations, i am really grateful for your effort.
If i understand this right, then the best would be to use SIGCOMP and ROHC together to get a low bandwith SIP communication, SIGCOMP for the signalling (XML) part and ROHC for the IP, UDP, RTP and TCP header part?
I not really understand the relationship between RHOC and SIGCOMP yet and their possible combined usage.
Here http://www.cse.iitb.ac.in/~sri/students/#priyesh, i saw the effect and an implementation of SIGCOMP and i think this could be done with a reasonable amount of work, but i would really like get an understanding of the possibilities to get the maximum out of these concepts.
Regards, Rolf

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