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Re: [Question #194142]: Sending RTP across a rohctunnel


Question #194142 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
> > It relies on a static list of UDP ports that are considered as RTP. This is not very
> > reliable nor convenient. This will be reworked in the near future,
> > someone is working on this topic.
> In which release this is likely to be done? I would suggest ROHC library gets
> these configuration parameters from some config file or XML file as input.

This is done in latest versions of the main branch (revision 552 or later). The
mechanism uses a user-defined function callback. That callback is set with the
rohc_comp_set_rtp_detection_cb() function. The callback shall return true if
it detects that the UDP stream is one RTP stream, false otherwise.

The function is to set the callback is defined there:

An example os use is there:


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