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Re: tun2udp


> > First, the packet is a IP/UDP/RTP packet, so where is the origion
> > packet from?
> >I'm not sure to understand you question. The IP/UDP/RTP packet comes
> >from any application that generates such a packet: software SIP
> >phone, PIBX...
> I means that if these Ip/UDP/RTP packet's headers are constructed by
> the application itself?
> can you explain the principle of the iprohc's tunnel to me.I don't
> understand it well...

The IP/ROHC tunnel takes whatever IP packet coming on the virtual
network interface it created, compresses them with the ROHC library and
encapsulates them in IP packets. The tunnel does not generate the
original IP packets, they are created and sent by any application that
sends its traffic to the virtual network interface of the tunnel.

             IP/UDP/RTP/data               IP/ROHC/data
SIP/RTP     ------------------>   IP/ROHC -------------...
application                       tunnel

 IP/ROHC/data            IP/UDP/RTP/data
..------------> IP/ROHC -----------------> SIP/RTP
                tunnel                     application


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