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Re: [Question #230140]: some questions


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

>     If there are two communication entity(for example, femto cell and UE) ,
> each of them has ROHC function(compress and decmpress), in femto,
> decompressor is not associated with another local compressor,just did
> not configure a feedback channel ,however, in UE,it has configured a
> feedback channel, in this case ,can they communicate with each other
> normally?

They will communicate in U-mode. But some feedbacks will be transmitted
from UE to femto for nothing.

> what is more,the UE (user equipment) has implemented R_MODE of ROHC,
> but the femto production has not realized the R_MODE because of using
> your library codes, so,in this case, if they both have configured a feedback
> channel ,can they communicate with each other normally or compressing
> effectively?

They will communicate in O-mode at best. Change to R-mode by the UE will
be ignored by the femto.


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