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Re: [Question #230301]: cid_type


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

Please don't mess with the library code. There are dedicated functions in the library API to perform such actions:
 - rohc_c_set_large_cid() [1]
 - rohc_c_set_max_cid() [2]

The library API is quite small and well documented. Please _read_ the API documentation:
 - common parts [3],
 - compression part [4],
 - decompression part [5].


[1] http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-1.5.1/group__rohc__comp.html#gac1eac04c7b875b34be20bc0aaeb627e5
[2] http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-1.5.1/group__rohc__comp.html#ga8e2d03b4076c9b9bfdd8ba859e560047
[3] http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-1.5.1/group__rohc__common.html
[4] http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-1.5.1/group__rohc__comp.html
[5] http://rohc-lib.org/doc/rohc-doc-1.5.1/group__rohc__decomp.html

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