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[Question #233909]: about feedback - rohc_feedback_flush()


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Hi Didier,

I am opening a new thread for being easy to read, but actually, it follows our discussion about the standalone feedback.

-------------from Didier----------------
You can call rohc_feedback_flush() at any rate you want. The more you wait, the more feedback data you will get: sending every feedback chunk separately may have a cost (more link layer overhead for example). The more you wait, the more delay you add to the transmission of the feedback: negative feedbacks are only useful if they reach quickly the other endpoint. So, you need to do some tradeoffs according to your own use case ;-)

I was able to use rohc_feedback_flush() to send standalone feedback. But I had to call it all the time even maybe no feedback packets there. Right now, I want to implement a simple logic to check if there is feedback indeed:

If (there is a feedback packet in local compressor & no piggyback available)
{send standalone feedback by using rohc_feedback_flush()}
elseif (there is a feedback packet & there is reverse compressed-packet to send)
{send piggyback feedback by using  rohc_decompress()}

My major concern is how to check if the feedback packet does exist. It is better not to change the library but to check it through API.


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