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Re: [Question #233262]: can rohc run in fedora? how to get rohc-tcp src?


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

>    first question:  I  install the libpcap, there is error:
>                    pcap-ring.h:35:29: fatal error: asm/cpufeature.h
> no such file or directory compilation terminated.
>             then I used the "find" command to find  cpufeature.h .
>                     $ find /usr/ -name cpufeature.h
>                     $
> usr/src/kernels/3.6.3-3.fc18.i686.PAE/arch/x86/include/asm/cpufeature.h
> I  puzzled the cpufeature.h is existed but not find it , why?  how to
> solve it ?

Building libpcap is out of topic for this mailing list. If you
encounter difficulties building it, try using RPM packages for your
distribution first. If you need to build the library yourself, ask your
questions on the libpcap/tcpdump mailing list:

> second question:
>           what is  the app/fuzzer.c function?

See the related documentation on the wiki:

> main/test are many test
> examples,  how to use it, check and  analyze results.

See the related documentation on the wiki:

> third:   If I want to program the testing code , how to add it to
> configure or makefile file and automake it run?

Sorry I don't understand your question. Please rephrase.

> last :   what are the configure  and autogen.sh  difference?

Some searches on your favorite web search engine would lead you to
interesting articles such as:

The ./autogen.sh script automates the execution of autoconf and automake
tools to generate the ./configure script if it does not exist yet.


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