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Re: [Question #233909]: about feedback - rohc_feedback_flush()


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Friedrich is still having a problem:
Hi Didier,

Yes, the second one looks well since that API has more information.

I am still working on version 1.3.1 and version 1.5.1 , so could you
please provide a method or API for that? I guess something that has the
following flavor would work for me. Of course, I believe your real codes
will be much more complicated with all error protections :-). I will put
it into the rohc_comp.c file at my end. Thanks!

 * @brief How many bytes of unsent feedback data are available at compressor?
   * @param comp The ROHC compressor
   * @return The number of bytes of unsent feedback data,
   * 0 if no unsent feedback data is available
   * @ingroup rohc_comp

static int rohc_feedback_avail_bytes(struct rohc_comp *const comp));
	size_t feedback_length;

	if(comp->feedbacks_first_unlocked != comp->feedbacks_next)
		feedback_length = comp->feedbacks[comp->feedbacks_first_unlocked].length;
		feedback_length = 0;

        rohc_debugf(2, "there are %zd byte(s) of feedback data",

	/* return the length of the feedback header/data,
	 * or zero if no feedback */
	return feedback_length;

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