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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:

> .so file i shared library right?


> that might be link while executing.


> Then how i should execute? the link which you have gave is testing the rohc.
> Then which is the original source code for header compression. the files
> which is in src folder or in test. Still confused.

The release archive you downloaded contains 3 things:
 - the source code of the library in the src/ subdirectory.
 - some tools that help testing the library in the test/ subdirectory.
 - some small applications in the apps/ subdirectory.

The test tools or apps are executables that you can run.

The non-regression test tool does what you want to do in your first message:
  $ ./test_non_regression -o outputfilepcap smallcid inputfilepcap

> 1).confure will create a make file


> 2)make will create a .lo file

The .lo files are temporary files. Ignore them. Interesting files are
*.so files in src/common/.libs/ , src/comp/.libs/ and src/decomp/.libs/

> 3)execute will link to that .so file.



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