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Re: [Question #234822]: How to run and execute the rohc sources


Question #234822 on rohc changed:

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Didier Barvaux proposed the following answer:
The non-regression tool compresses IP packets into ROHC packets, then
decompresses these ROHC packets into IP packets. It does so at once. It
does compare the output IP packets with the input IP packets. If option
-o if specified, the ROHC packets are written in the given file. If
option -c is given, the ROHC packets generated by the tool are compared
with the ones found in the file given by the -c option.

More details in source header http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~didier-
and with  ./test/non_regression/test_non_regression -h

So, if you already have the IP packets and the related ROHC packets (the
source.pcap and rohc_*.pcap files found in the inputs/ subdirs), use
option -c. If you don't have ROHC packets, use the -o option to generate
them. The generated file could be used later to check that the ROHC
library still generates the same ROHC packets, ie. check for the lack of

For small CIDs vs large CID, see

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