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Re: [Question #234832]: compilation error


Question #234832 on rohc changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Didier Barvaux requested more information:

> sorry for bothering you.
> but suggested all command is given same output only below command compile.

Your system is somewhat broken. All commands should work...

> the output of command is correct or not?
> because i don't know what is the output of the test_pcap.c

No output is expected. The program itself is useless. Its purpose was
testing compilation.

> and you are not providing any suggestion for running rohc my major concern
> on rohc library not pcap library.
> i only want to use rohc library for compression and decompression of my
> self created pkt.
> i don't want to capture network traffic. so please suggest me how to
> compile sample_rohc_program.c.
> In my system linker problem is found so please suggest me how to resolve it
> manual linker command.

I know that you care about the ROHC library, not the pcap library. I was
using the pcap library to test how strangely your system behaves. You
state that the problem with your system linker is found. I don't share
your opinion...

Anyway, one of the commands seems to work somehow, so let's try to mimic the same command for the ROHC library. Please try to build the example with:
$ gcc -Wall rohc_first_application.c -o rohc_first_application \
    $( PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/ \
         pkg-config rohc --libs --cflags ) 

A note about the error you report in your last message: you use some
example code that is written for the future version 1.7.0 of the
library, that's why you get new errors. Please get back to the previous
code that you copied/pasted me a few days ago (don't forget to apply the
changes I mentioned at that time).


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