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Rohctunnel with rohc 2.1.0 library



Is it any possibility to use the rohctunnel app with the 2.1.0 library?
The rohctunnel source has compiled using the 2.1.0 library and it creates
the tunnel when running both sides, but it's failed when decompressing.

[rohc_decomp.c:763 rohc_decompress3()] decompress the 68-byte packet #9
[rohc_decomp.c:3785 rohc_decomp_parse_padding()] skip 0 byte(s) of padding
[rohc_decomp.c:1010 d_decode_header()] decompressor received 0 bytes of
feedback for the same-side associated compressor
[rohc_decomp.c:3721 rohc_decomp_decode_cid()] add-CID present (0xe1)
contains CID = 1
[rohc_decomp.c:3894 rohc_decomp_find_context()] context with CID 1 not found
[rohc_decomp.c:3900 rohc_decomp_find_context()] only IR or IR-CR packets
can create a new context with CID 1
[rohc_decomp.c:875 rohc_decompress3()] packet decompression failed: no
matching context and creation was impossible or failed (3)

Do I have to use the older version of rohc library if I want to use tunnel
interface, or I am on a totally wrong way?

Thanks for the answer!


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