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Re: [Question #664196]: compressor memory allocation question


Question #664196 on rohc changed:

    Status: Open => Needs information

Didier Barvaux requested more information:

Thank you for the feedback on your use case!

You're right about the rru buffers in compressors and decompressors. I
allocated it dynamically in a dev branch. It seems to work. Please test
it too. See below for details.

The CRC tables are pre-computed to speed up CRC computations. Several
years ago, they were not in compressor/decompressor. They were global
variables. This was a kind of singleton that needed to be initialized
before initializing any compressor or decompressor. It made the API
simpler to put them in compressor/decompressor. It could be improved
from a memory point of view, but it requires API changes. In short, it
is not quick to do ;-)

About bug #1604491, there are some work in progress for performances on
ARM targets. Such tiny systems are small caches, so the sizes of
structures is important for performances (cache invalidation). So, there
is some work in a dev branch that minimizes all structures. Please test
it for your setup/use case.

The dev branch is dev_improve_perfs_decomp_on_arm on Github. It also
contains the optimization that you proposed on RRU buffers. Tell me if
it improves your use case.

Changelog of the branch: https://github.com/didier-


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