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[Question #664196]: compressor memory allocation question


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In both compressor & decompressor (struct rohc_(de)comp), uint8_t rru[ROHC_MAX_MRRU] is a array of 65535 bytes allocated for every new (de)compressor, but by default mrru is 0 and in my application ROHC segmentation is not used, so why not use a pointer instead for rru and allocate memory at will?
Also, why is it needed to have three CRC tables (crc_table_X)? Since one type of CRC could apply in one packet, right?

Also, is there any progress with this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/rohc/+bug/1604491

I am asking all those, because we are designing an application with many (de)compressors / contexts and memory allocation is quite important.

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