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Re: rohc performance on lossy media



First of all, thank you for your patches.

> Is it possible to make  "ROHC_WLSB_WIDTH_MAX 256U" in the next
> release so that a wide range of  width values can be used in
> rohc_comp_set_wlsb_window_ width() method?

Yes, it is possible. Some code optimizations performed for the ARM
targets will allow that. I did it on the dev branch
dev_improve_perfs_decomp_on_arm :

> Is it possible to make  "rohc_lsb_shift_t" values parametric in next
> release ? I mean to make lsb shift values parametric so that users
> can set any shift value from a related parameter?

The LSB values are defined by the ROHCv1 standard, so I'm not sure that
I want to allow that.

The ROHCv2 standard added the reorder_ratio parameter for that purpose.
The next release will also provide some ROHCv2 profiles. You might use
them with a custom reorder_ratio.

> Final one is; is it possible to change lsb_width and shift values
> dynamically while related compressor/decompressors are in progress?

This is not possible in current versions. I'll try to add a way to
change the value dynamically. If possible, it would probably implies to
define a maximum value at startup. Would it be ok for you?