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Re: [Question #664196]: compressor memory allocation question


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teloniatis is still having a problem:
Hi again,

Sorry for late response.
Indeed the mentioned change with rru buffers decreases a lot the memory footprint of (de)compressor objects.

However, still the memory allocation is very high, because context's memory footprint is also too high.
One of the reason for high needed memory is for compressing lists of IPv6 extension headers, for which I am not so familiar yet.

However, by modifying some constants (eg. ROHC_LIST_ITEM_DATA_MAX) in "common\rohc_list.h", we managed to decrease size of structs list_(de)comp from 70224 to 2064.
But my questions is why to reserve memory for lists if no IPv6 support is needed? And I am referring to decompressor's context, since during compressor context initialization there is a check for IP version, and "rohc_comp_list_ipv6_new" is called only for IPv6.
Why not having the same check when init decompressor's context, when calling "rohc_decomp_list_ipv6_new" respectively?


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