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Re: Compression forced down to IR state


Nope. I did not enable it in features and I do set arrival time before compress4. I now see that I should have enabled it but that wouldn't have helped me much as I'd originally intended this for traffic moving in O-Mode. From reading the lib code, I see this is done only for U-Mode, which makes sense. Correct? Anyway, my O-Mode sessions do get stuck sometimes, e.g. when opening a remote SSH/TCP and doing e.g. "top" every sec in it. Originally, I thought to quickly try that "time refresh" to maybe find why the contexts get stuck(?) in this state.


On 8/06/18, 8:25 PM, "Didier Barvaux" <didier@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

    > Making my concerns more real, I am pinging here seeing the IR first
    > time only.
    > [...]
    > Didn’t the IR being sent message after 12s and my
    > CHANGE_TO_FO_TIME is 6000, CHANGE_TO_IR_TIME is 12000.
    > Init call of _ROHC_COMP_SET_PERIODIC_REFRESHES_TIME_ happens after the
    > following init sequence of calls,
    > [...]
    Do you enable the ROHC_COMP_FEATURE_TIME_BASED_REFRESHES  feature with
    rohc_comp_set_features() ?
    Do you set the rohc_buf.time attribute of the uncompressed packet that
    you give as the 2nd argument to rohc_compress4() ? The rohc_buf.time
    is the time of arrival of the packet, expressed in seconds and 
    This timestamp is used to determine if the delay since last IR packet
    is expired or not.

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