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Re: Compression forced down to IR state


>Nope. I did not enable it in features and I do set arrival time before
>compress4. I now see that I should have enabled it but that wouldn't
>have helped me much as I'd originally intended this for traffic moving
>in O-Mode. From reading the lib code, I see this is done only for
>U-Mode, which makes sense. Correct?

Yes, your understanding is correct. Regular context refreshes are not used in O-Mode.

> Anyway, my O-Mode sessions do get
>stuck sometimes, e.g. when opening a remote SSH/TCP and doing e.g.
>"top" every sec in it. Originally, I thought to quickly try that "time
>refresh" to maybe find why the contexts get stuck(?) in this state.

Are there any decompression failures reported by the rohc_decompress3() function? 

Is the problem reproducible ? If yes, please send me a network capture of the uncompressed SSH session that gets stuck.

You may also run the sniffer application (found under app/sniffer/ in library sources) to check the correct compression/decompression of any traffic captured on a given network interface. All streams are recorded on disk, so in case of failure, the faulty stream may be used for analysis/debug. See https://rohc-lib.org/support/documentation/API/rohc-man-2.2.0/man1/rohc_sniffer.1.html for more information.


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