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Re: [Question #675656]: c_rtp_decide_FO_packet


Question #675656 on rohc changed:

Didier Barvaux posted a new comment:

Many thanks for your questions. You discover problems in legacy code,
that's great! :-)

You are right about the RTP SSRC field. The field cannot change for one
given ROHC stream, so the check for changes is useless. I removed it on
master branch. See https://github.com/didier-

The logic behind the DF, RND, NBO and SID fields is not defined well.
Currently packet type IR-DYN is forced if there are 3 or more "dynamic
fields" that changed. However, UO packets with Extension 3 can transmit
changes for TTL, TOS, DF, NBO, RND. Those changes are counted as 4
changed fields, so UO with EXT3 is not used while it could be. It might
save some bits. The logic behind dynamic fields should be reworked. I
tried to do that on the master branch. See https://github.com/didier-

Please give the updated master branch a try, and tell me how it behaves
for you.


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