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advanced hadoop configuration


Here are more details on the advanced Hadoop configuration that we discussed the other day.

Savanna Advanced Hadoop Configuration

In addition to the proposed "config items" based Hadoop configuration, it will be necessary to provide an advanced configuration mechanism in Savanna.This mechanism should allow for very fine-grained and extensive configuration of a Hadoop cluster provisioned by Savanna.It is expected that a user would likely use the simple node group based configuration for cases where little configuration is required and use the advanced configuration where more control is desired.The advanced cluster configuration would be specific to a Hadoop plugin and it's content opaque to the Savanna controller.

For reference, here is a link to the Hadoop Blueprint Specification <https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AMBARI-1783> proposed by the Ambari.

     Advanced Hadoop Configuration Use Cases

·A user has an existing on premise or non-virtualized cluster and wants to clone the cluster(topology/configuration not data) in a virtualized environment using Savanna.

In this case, the user will export a configuration for the existing cluster using provider/management product specific tooling.This configuration can then be used to create a new cluster using Savanna.

·A user wants to provision a new cluster in a virtualized environment using savanna and needs very fine-grained control of the Hadoop cluster configuration.This could include configuration of host level roles, configuration of a large number of properties across many optional services and potentially even Hadoop stack configuration related to packages and repository locations.

     Changes to UI Workflow

To allow a user to specify an advanced configuration, some UI changes are necessary.

The create cluster screen would need an "advanced Hadoop configuration" tab or button.In the initial implementation, the advanced configuration screen would allow a user to specify the location of a plugin specific configuration file (select file dialog).This configuration file would contain all necessary Hadoop related configuration.In future releases, we may want a link to provider specific tooling, which could be used to create/edit provider configurations.

The UI would still need to allow a user to specify VM details such as flavor, count, etc., but the user wouldn't specify node groups or configuration for the VM's.Instead, host/role mapping would be specified in the provider specific configuration file.

     Changes to Hadoop Plugin SPI

The addition of "Advanced Hadoop Configuration" using plugin specific configuration will result in small changes to the proposed Hadoop Plugin SPI.

cluster_description: The cluster description object would need to be updated to contain an advanced_configuration field in addition to cluster_configs.In the case of a user providing an advanced configuration, it would be available in advanced_configuration and cluster_configs would be empty.


Because the provider specific configuration is opaque to Savanna, it might be necessary for the plugin to return some cluster topology information from this method for rendering purposes.The specifics of this information would be dependent on what cluster information is required by Savanna.


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